Explore the Harz

(c) M. Mund Bizarre rock formations, marvellous forests, babbling brooks and stunning views - you will be amazed at what there is to explore around the spa.
Harzburg has got a lot of nice neighbouring cities that you do not want to miss: the historic town of Goslar for instance, or Quedlin-
burg and Wernigerode, where wonderful places and narrow alleys invite the guest to stay.
Bildquelle A well-signposted network of hiking trails running for more than 5000 miles, narrow paths or well-developed routes, challenging
or less demanding - everyone who enjoys to be out and about
will be on the right track here.
(c) Uwe Lemke The "Brocken" is the highest mountain in the Harz (3743 ft).
Follow in Goethe's footsteps who walked all the way up in
1777, or let the power of steam help you to get to the summit.
Wernigerode Castle with its lovely parks is well worth a visit.
Since 1930 the castle is open to the public. There is a lot to explore inside the building with nearly 50 rooms to discover
as well as outside this ancient monument where concerts and seasonal events take place throughout the year.